Helpful hints to help your shoes last you years, not seasons:

- With any leather sandal, you will need to expect to wear in our woven leather designs until they relax to your foot's shape. Our general rule of thumb is that if the sole of the shoe matches your foots length, don't worry if the straps are tight! they will expand (a lot, if needed) to your perfect fit after about a week of wear. 


- Raffia Society is a strong supporter of the fair trade, slow fashion movement and as such our shoes are masterfully hand made by skilled artisans. Our signature leather weave is carefully hand woven and no two shoes are ever identical. This is part of the rustic beauty of our designs and not considered a fault. 


- Remember that like your skin, leather is a porous material. To keep your Raffia Society shoes in a beautiful condition, we recommend using a leather protectant care product on the shoe's leather lined sole. Also note that wearing your shoes with excessive dust or dirt residue on your feet can result in dark marks on your gorgeous leather soles. We do not recommend leather cleaner products on the soles of our shoes as you will immediately damage the adhesive. Please also avoid excessive exposure to water. 


Treat them with love, and they'll last you for summers to come.

We're dedicated to a high quality, ethical product - that's our guarantee to you.